We have now been certified for coating OXIFREE metal protection. We believe we can offer major savings to the industry where there are corrosion and particulate pollutants, such as warehouses, gearboxes, flanges, bolts and not least valves.

31 May, 2018|

Training of surface and corrosion protection painters

13 from our staff is now certified as surface and corrosion protection painters. Read more about our surface and corrosion protection paint services.

31 May, 2018|

Vi möter efterfrågan – i Danmark!

För att möta våra kunders behov har vi nu tecknat ett avtal som ger oss möjlighet att utföra arbeten i Skagens hamn. Vi kommer att ha personal och utrustning på plats redan under våren. Besöksadress och lager i Danmark Auktionsvej 15 9990 Skagen Utrustning och uppställningsplats är brevid GIFICO ApS kuttervej vid Kryddtogtkajen Väl mött 2018

31 May, 2018|

Purchase of TA Lacks premises and land

We have now expanded our station's painting through the purchase of TA Lacks premises and land. Through this purchase, we have come across a painting complete with wash bay to accommodate more jobs and customers. The venue will have 3 separate pieces of modern painting halls, 1 wash bay and 1 spray booth for small parts. The venue is about 450 m2 and the surfaces around 1500 m2. Our business is through this purchase to about 2000 m2 of workshop for painting and sandblasting and 12,500 m2 warehouse and stabling area. The focus of the new [...]

31 May, 2018|
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