Family company with unique expertise

We know blasting, painting and metallization and take responsibility for the result. All work is performed with great skill and with great responsibility. Skilled and talented employees, all with the requisite training, guaranteeing first-class job and permanent results.

We have focused on expanding our business beyond shipbuilding jobs. Therefore, we have built a new blasting and painting station. We have also expanded our storage site to approximately 11000 m2, and a workshop area of ​​2 000 m2.

We are ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001 certified. Quality is our motto and we leave, of course, guarantee on everything we do. We are always striving to reduce the environmental impact in terms of air emissions, energy consumption and waste.

We have collective agreements.

Gasell company

We are proud to announce that Henry Allt i Allt are nominated as a Gasell company 2013 by Dagens Industri.

The concept of Gasell company was created by the American researcher David Birch, who showed that small and fast-growing businesses create most jobs.
In 2000 began the newspaper Dagens Industri to nominate the year Gasell in Sweden, as it considered that Sweden needs growth and entrepreneurs need inspirational role models. To the Gasell company appointed the fastest growing companies in the country.

It is not easy to be Gasell company and criteria are hard.

Some criteria:

  • annual sales exceeding 10 million
  • at least ten employeesa
  • at least four published annual reports
  • least doubled sales, from the first to the last financial year
  • increased sales every year for the past three years
  • an overall positive result for the four financial
  • strong finances

Fewer than 0.5 percent of all companies in Sweden elected annually.

Business of the Year

In 2009 we became Busines of the Year in Tjörn with the following motivation:

“The company has with its investment in new blasting and painting facilities increased their turnover in an admirable way. They act therefore as a good role model.”

We aim to be your general contractor.