We carry out blasting on construction of mobile equipment and in our blaster station.

Our workshops today is 2000 m2 with a floor space of 12 500 m2. Everything that can not be transported to our workshop surface we at customer site.

Sand blasting effectively removes rust and pollution by spraying steel sand on the surface with a high pressure. Blasting is used both in new production and maintenance of products.

Almost all hard materials can be blasted, eg iron, aluminum, plastic, glass and stone.

Water blasting

As a complement to the traditional sandblasting, we now have several units of water blasting from 700 up to 2500 bar. They are mobile so we can take them on board ships in service and get the job done without downtime.

Some of the advantages of water blasting:

  • No dust
  • No sparks
  • The surface is free from grease and chloride/salt
  • The method is environmentally friendly and greatly reduces the amount of waste.

Shot blasting

We can almost completely dust-free blast large surfaces steel with our Blastrac machines. The method is used primarily on deck on ships. We can offer up to 3600m2 per day.

Carbonic blasting

We perform all conceivable tasks in cleaning with ice blasting, also called dry ice blasting.

Ice blasting is a relatively new method to clean most surfaces in a gentle way. The ice blasting removes diverse coatings and pollution, without water and chemicals.

Ice blasting saves time for service and repairs. The only thing that remains after cleaning the blasted away the coating swept or vacuumed up.

Operating pressure: 2-10 bar

Sand blasting