We have now expanded our station’s painting through the purchase of TA Lacks premises and land. Through this purchase, we have come across a painting complete with wash bay to accommodate more jobs and customers. The venue will have 3 separate pieces of modern painting halls, 1 wash bay and 1 spray booth for small parts. The venue is about 450 m2 and the surfaces around 1500 m2. Our business is through this purchase to about 2000 m2 of workshop for painting and sandblasting and 12,500 m2 warehouse and stabling area.

The focus of the new facilities will be on heavy vehicles and petrochemical industry in Stenungsund. The premises is on Tjorn close to the previous station. To ensure prompt delivery, our turbil run and collect / drop goods to be on finishing. Areas for turbil Gothenburg-Stenungsund-Uddevalla Lysekil Orust-Tjorn. Through this acquisition, we have secured our high quality and to continue to make quick deliveries on time.

We welcome new and old customers!