How long and well a construction lasts is due to several factors. Of course it is important to choose the right material, but it is almost as important to choose the right protection against corrosion. Then the construction both longer the life time and lower the maintenance costs.

At Henry Allt i Allt we have extensive experience in corrosion protection. We can help you with the entire process, from the preparatory work for final inspection and documentation.

The choice of corrosion depends on many factors. What life time must the structure have? Where will it be used? How will it be used? What is a reasonable cost?
– We assist in gathering all relevant information, based on the selection of the best corrosion protection for the current need. Perhaps a metallic coating solves the task better? Or a cathodic protection?

When this is done, it is of course equally important to ensure that the delivered protection meets the requirements. We can assist with FROSIO certified, NACE trained inspectors who check both documenting the work.